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We've all been there, sitting awkwardly across from someone you had hoped would light up your world, instead, you find yourself going, nope, not wasting any more time here... Recently, I couldn't believe how bad the date I was on was going. He was so handsy and inappropriate, a girl I've never met in my life followed me to the bathroom to make sure I was okay! She and her first date ironically were reading my body language loud and clear from across the restaurant, but this poor guy just wasn't getting it!

So I was wondering... when you're on a first date, what's that one moment when you know there won't be a second date? I turned to social media for their instant turn-offs and (hopefully PG) stories and experiences. Maybe we can all learn something together!

Tiffany Douglas said she knows there won't be another date if they don't have the ability to carry on a conversation or if they get plastered. I've always heard you start something how you want to end it, so if you want to be with a drunk, that's fine, but if not, steer clear!

Jeremy McFarland said, 'I told a girl one time my hopes and dreams and she said “oh we will have to change that”. what?' Yikes, judgemental much?

Curt Carver says he's out if she belches after the meal. Here I am thinking that was a compliment to the chef! lol Brian Teegarden says, 'In my case years ago, it was when all she could talk about was an old boyfriend was coming back to town and how excited she was about it.' Yep, talking about an ex is a big old red flag!

Janet Brumley says she's out, 'When they talk about themselves nonstop talk about their ex constantly or are rude and demanding to a waitress. Cuss way too much. Are way too aggressive or touchy-feely on the 1st date! Sure there is more but those popped in to head 1st! Lmbo Very picky the older I get!!' All I can say is amen, sister!

Do you have any specific moments you'd like to share about when you know you're not going to extend yourself to a second date? Tell us! Share in the comments below, check out the other answers in the post, and give me a follow!

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