If you're a resident of Jasper County, Texas then the story of The Blue Hole is probably second nature. But there are probably some of us East Texans, including myself, who may not know about this jewel of Jasper County. The thing is, this is not a place you can just pull up and visit or you could be charged with trespassing. Luckily, some folks have had the chance to visit and have shared their views on YouTube.

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History of The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole has been called by some as the "accidental lake". Why? Well, the area it is on used to be a sandstone quarry (wideopencountry.com). That sandstone was used to build the Sabine Pass Jetties and also for the Galveston sea wall that was built in the late 1910's. But then in 1920, some miners were using dynamite to loosen some sandstone. The blast opened up an underground spring that filled up the area dug out for sandstone and the lake was born.

Natural Wonder

The lake has high alkaline levels which make it impervious to algae growth but also cannot support wildlife. That's how it retains such a pure look. Some have even said that the lake contains healing properties because of it's high alkaline levels.

Privately Owned Property

Here is the warning, the lake, and surrounding property, is privately owned. So, no, you can't just pull up in your swimsuit and jump in. If you want to visit the Blue Hole, you will need to call ahead or you will be cited for trespassing. The owner has added a cabin that will hold six people, a beach and some other amenities to the property. The cool part is everything added was built using materials from around the lake.

Jasper County would be a short drive for some fun, family time. If you would like to visit the lake, call 936-875-3305 to set a time.

The Blue Hole in East Texas

This beautiful, privately owned lake, is located deep in the piney woods of Jasper County.

Gallery Credit: Xplore RC via YouTube and landandfarm.com

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