Burger King is at it again with a weird burger to scarf down for Halloween. This one, called the Nightmare King, claims to give you nightmares after eating it.

It has a quarter pound beef patty, a crispy chicken patty, American cheese, bacon and a special mayonnaise. Oh, and the bun is green. Yes, green. And just like the black bun from a couple of years ago, it will turn your poop into a weird color.

Burger King's claim, according to USA Today, is they teamed up with the Paramount Trials and Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services for a ten night sleep study. Supposedly, the study found a 3.5 percent increase in nightmares among the 100 participants who ate the burger.

So was it the Nightmare King that produced the nightmares? Well, kind of. There is scientific studies, according to aol.com, that show that eating right before going to bed can produce dreams of the odd and maybe scary fashion.

Give the burger a try and see what happens. I would guess if you ate it at your normal dinner time, sleep would be normal. But eat it right before bed and the scare may wake you from your slumber.

Either way, your poop is gonna look weird because of the green food coloring in the bun. Bon appetit.

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