If you weren't aware, it is not just a courtesy to move over and slow down for police, fire and emergency vehicles parked on the shoulder of the road here in Tyler, Longview, and across Texas. It is a law, and has been since 2003.

In fact since its inception the law has been expanded from emergency workers such as police and EMT to include the same protection for TxDOT work crews and roadside workers. Remember those folks building our roads are people too -- they've got families to go home to.

A startling video going viral out of Colorado this week shows just how dangerous it can be for our police officers and roadside workers. As you'll see below the outcome could've been much worse.

What is the Texas Move Over/Slow Down Law?

"The Texas Move Over/Slow Down law, which went into effect in 2003, requires all Texas drivers to move one lane over, if possible, when approaching an emergency vehicle parked on the shoulder with warning lights in operation. If moving over isn’t practical or possible, drivers must slow down to at least 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit. In 2013, the state legislature expanded Move Over/Slow Down to include TxDOT vehicles."

If you're browser is having trouble displaying the video you can click right here.

In fact not following the Move Over / Slow Down law can cost you. According to TxDOT, "Drivers who fail to give emergency and work crews space to safely do their jobs can receive a ticket with a fine of up to $200. If there is a crash that causes injury to a worker, drivers can be fined up to $2,000."

And you know those TxDOT TV and radio public service announcements you hear and those digital ads you see? They are all a part of TxDOT's outreach efforts to raise awareness of the Move Over or Slow Down law.

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