East Texas is experiencing about 15 years worth of Winter in one week. Temperatures in the teens, multiple inches of snow, this is something probably none of us have experienced in our lifetime. This unprecedented weather also brings power outages. Having the power to do our everyday mundane things is something we take for granted. When that power isn't there, we realize how much of a habit it is in our lives.

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I would be willing to put down money that you have done any of these three things I'm about to describe when the power is out:

  • Go to the bathroom, flick the light switch – Oh yes. You need to potty. What's the first thing you do when you walk in, turn the light switch to on. Then grown because you did it and turn it to off. The next time you need to go, you do the same thing.
  • Need a snack, open the fridge – What's the rule when the power is out...do not open the fridge so it will keep the cold in. But we're bored because there is no power and need a snack so we walk to the fridge and “Dang it!”. We shut the door real quick and head to the pantry for some chips.
  • Marvel at the fact we can still use the toilet or run water at the sink – After said light switch fiasco above, we are thankful we can still flush the toilet and wash our hands. We are thankful we can at least walk to the sink and get a glass of water to quench our thirst. Plumbing is an amazing thing.

They're three very small and mundane things but with the rolling blackouts, or your power just being out completely, you have done these things. Bundle up East Texas, we will survive this snowpocalypse.

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