I hate Winter. I hate cold weather. Always have and always will. To say that this week has been miserable is an understatement. However, while dealing with no power and struggling to keep warm, I've kept positive. But one thing I haven't done is gone outside. That was until today. Here's what I saw.

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After taking a few steps in the snow through my apartment complex parking lot, I stepped on something. I thought at first it was a 2x4. I thought that was really weird but also that it may have fallen out of someone's truck. Upon further investigation, it was ice. Ice that had refrozen from people driving through the last couple of days. Wow.

Even with all the cloud cover, it was so bright. I didn't even think about wearing sunglasses but I wish I had. I took a walk up the road to South Broadway. I couldn't see the road or the medians that separate the North and South bound sides. I did see a grader drive by as I was walking up. I thought that maybe it was clearing some ice and snow from a lane. It wasn't. I guess just heading somewhere else to do that.

I found it odd how many people were driving in this mess. And driving way too fast for it, too. A Jeep was heading South and skidded on some ice. He almost lost it but gained some traction before doing a 360.

Other than that, it was beautiful to see. I think some of the freezing rain from last night and this morning had knocked the snow from the tree branches. We only have a couple more days of this until we finally thaw out Saturday. I think we are looking forward to Spring. Forget Summer, we want Spring.

2021 East Texas Snowpocalypse

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