I've read and reported on more news stories than I can count, but the ones that aggravate me the most are ones that include people taking advantage of kids, pets, or the elderly. Unfortunately, there was a Texas radio host who plead guilty to working a Ponzi scheme that stole millions of dollars from his elderly listeners, but he is now dealing with the consequences.

According to KSAT, William Neil "Doc" Gallagher was issued a 30-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the crimes back in August of 2021. As you continue to learn more about this case it becomes more upsetting, as there were over a dozen victims that all trusted this man with between $50,000 and $600,000 to which they thought they were investing in his Gallagher Financial Group. Leaving some forced to sell their homes, borrow money from family members or even get a part time job to support themselves.

Gallagher Promoted His Investment Business as "Jesus Christ, Money Master"

Beyond using the power of his microphone on the radio for evil Gallagher also used religion as a way to push his investment company onto fellow church goers. He often used the tagline, "See you in church on Sunday".

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Gallagher Has Been in Custody Since March of 2019

He has similar charges out of Dallas County in which he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. So, these 30 years will run on top of the already 25 years he has to serve. Seeing as how he is 80-years-old he will never be free again, which is good because in total he has taken more than $32 million dollars from people that trusted him.

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