While more and more people are becoming privy to credit card skimmers, it's not really slowing down those crooks who keep installing them onto ATMs and gas pumps. KLTV reported Tuesday about a card skimmer discovered at a Tyler gas station on East Commerce Street and Loop 323.

Texas Department of Agriculture

Then yesterday, it was reported that the Van Police Department and the Texas Department of Agriculture found two more skimmers at Grab n Go in Van, TX. In fact those skimmers actually made victims of two Van officers.

That's three skimmers in two days, so if you're not paying attention, you should probably do so now.

Texas Department of Agriculture

What's scary is that the skimmers in Van were found on the lower portion of the pump, not the top - says TDA's Facebook. These skimmers use Bluetooth signals to steal your information. Both gas stations were unaware that their pumps were compromised at the time.

So how do you protect yourself from this crime that you don't even see? Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller shows you tips on how to detect and protect yourself from skimmers. Or you can just make your purchases inside!