If you asked me last week what a highway “takeover” was, I would have no idea. But there is a video that is going viral out of San Antonio, Texas showing just how alarming and downright scary a highway “takeover” can be to everyone in the area. 

According to My SA, the video was posted to the social media platform TikTok showing illegal street car racing taking place in the middle of a San Antonio highway. The incident ended with a four-car crash and someone shooting a gun. 

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More Information on a “Takeover” 

“Takeovers” happen all over the country not just here in Texas but that means this kind of ridiculous behavior is happening everywhere. It’s not always on highways, it could be in a parking lot or just down a regular street. Organizers choose a street and a large amount of vehicle essential block that roadway to all other travelers so they can do donuts or other things to show off what their vehicle can do. 

Taking Part in a “Takeover” is NOT a Felony in Texas 

While being involved in a “takeover” is not a felony currently, it is a Class A misdemeanor. And if more cases happen like the video below it won’t take lawmakers long to bump this type of crime up to a felony. Because someone could have easily lost their life the night this TikTok video was taken in San Antonio.  

If you see a “takeover”, try to avoid the area at all costs. Here is a look at the video that has gone viral, please know there is extreme language used in this video.  

@rj_fontenot takeovers needa stop man this is ridiculous. there’s innocent people you’re putting in danger. #fyp #fypシ #moanagofast #cartok #trending #vibes #xyzbca #love #spreadawareness ♬ original sound - RJ Fontenot

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