By now you've probably seen a video circulating on the socials from TikTok of what seems to a woman dumping ashes into a body of water with the caption "He cheated so I threw his mom ashes in the river".

As expected, the video got a huge reaction on social media with some applauding the woman's actions and others calling for her to get arrested. But the outrage was short lived as we're now learning that the video is "based on a true story" from nearly TWO YEARS AGO.

Let's Look At The Video First


As the video started getting views, according to Black Enterprise, social media users quickly began investigating the authenticity of the video because in some states, dumping someone's ashes is a crime. One user clarified, “this skit is fake but there is a real woman who has done this.” and she's absolutely correct.

The True Story Of Augustine Gladney

Fort Worth Police Department
Fort Worth Police Department

The video was based on the true story of 40 year old Augustine Gladney of Fort Worth. According to police, back in 2020, Gladney allegedly threw the ashes belonging to 38-year-old Ernest Smith's mother into Lake Worth. Police said Smith informed officers that when he returned home he discovered that his mother's urn was missing.

Smith went on to add that he heard a phone conversation between Gladney and her daughter where she said that she threw the urn in the lake. Police said that Gladney later texted him admitting that she had thrown his mother's ashes in the lake.

Gladney was charged with abuse of a corpse.

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Now the alleged crime happened in June of 2020, so how did this story get to the top of the headlines NOW? Well, according to NBCDFW, Gladney was just arrested and charged with the crime on MAY 4, 2022. In Texas, abuse of a corpse is a Class A misdemeanor that carries a $4,000 fine and up to a year in prison.

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