It’s a party that will be talked about for a long time. This past weekend on the red brick streets of downtown Tyler, Texas was the inaugural Rose City Music Festival. The lineup of musicians brought a little bit of everything to East Texas and everyone had a great time. It’s going to be fun to see this music festival continue to grow but it was a fantastic first year for the festival. 

The headliners for the event were Koe Wetzel and Nelly, with support from American Idol star Fritz Hager III and local rock band Untold Story. The crowd was huge and it seems like everyone had a blast, especially when you start watching some of the TikTok videos that were created from the event.  

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Everyone Was Singing Along at the Rose City Music Festival 

There was nothing better than seeing thousands of people singing along to some of our favorite artists, there were very few issues, it was just a bunch of good people having a great time.  

My Favorite TikTok Video From the Rose City Music Festival 

There were some really great TikToks created but I think my personal favorite has to be from the sweet lady that lost her mind after catching Nelly’s sweat rag from up on stage. She is just so excited to have that rag to remember the concert, but be careful with that video as she is so excited that she swears. Here are some of the best TikToks that I have found from the really fun event this past weekend downtown Tyler, Texas. 

@melzonthemic 7,000 of best friends packed the square for the first ever Rose City Music Festival featuring Nelly! What a Night! #FYP #Concert #EastTexas ♬ Hot In Herre - Nelly

@andersonnnjess #nelly #koewetzel #rosecitymusicfestival ♬ original sound - Andersonnn42917

@valeriewestbonner Another amazing night of live music in Tyler, TX. #nelly #rosecitymusicfestival #fyp #2000sthrowback #nomatterwhatido #allithinkaboutisyou ♬ original sound - Valerie West Bonner

@a_and_ek Nelly • Koe Wetzel concert didn’t disappoint 🖤 @Koe Wetzel @Nelly #fyp #rosecitymusicfestival #morherdaughterduo #bestiesfortherestie #momsoftiktok #firstconcert #rideoride ♬ Forever - Koe Wetzel

@plazatowertylertx Rose City Music Festival ✌🏽#koewetzel #tylertexas #easttexas #nelly #rosecity #brickstreets #etx @Koe Wetzel ♬ original sound - PlazaTowerTylerTX

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