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Your home should be a place of comfort and joy and a place where you feel safe. But we all know that there are criminals in the world who wish to bring harm upon you and your home.

From break-in's to suspicious people being caught on camera we have probably all heard of some type of property crime in and around our neighborhoods.

A new study has come out with suggestions on what Texas residents can do to protect their home. These tips from SafeHome.org are actually suggestions made by people who have had their homes broken into.

After compiling all the data, the findings were all things that made sense. And one behavior modification was very Texan according to the SafeHome press release:

·         Top 5 Home Modifications to Add:

1.       Outside lights (47% of respondents added following their experience)

2.       Alarm (45%)

3.       Change or add locks (43%)

4.       Beware of dog sign (30%)

5.       Curtains (25%).

·         Top 5 Changes in Behavior to Make:

1.       Lock windows at night (47% of respondents started doing this after their experience)

2.       Lock garage door (28%)

3.       Hide outdoor valuables (25%)

4.       Purchased a gun (23%)

5.       Stop leaving keys in unexpected places (21%)

All of these suggestions are good and should be thought about if you want to add security to your home. When we moved into our home, I added brighter lights to what was already here. I've also seen some great solar lights that you can put on a fence that would help light the side of a home or the alley.

Another smart addition to make? Cameras. First, the act as a deterrent and if something does happen, hopefully you were able to catch the criminals on camera. And when it comes to behavioral changes, I love that people went out to buy a gun. It's smart. Be armed, but also train with that firearm.

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