Toby Keith found himself in Australia recently, which brought his attention to the greatness that is country's own Aussie, fellow superstar, Keith Urban.

In an interview with Australia's Sunday Morning Herald, Keith praised Urban's dedication to country music and his ability to fit into the American country scene while staying true to his Australian roots.

"His love for country music exceeds everything else," says the feel-good singer of his country compatriot. "He knows who Glen Campbell [or] Steve Wariner is, he knows the guys before him: [Johnny Cash] and Willie [Nelson]."

Along with his praise of Urban, Keith also had some kind words for Australia's musical lineage, saying, "I think you should be proud of your heritage" and encouraging the country to find its own independence when it comes to music.

Born and bred in Oklahoma, Keith has built his career on catchy tunes celebrating all things red, white and blue. But that doesn't stop the 'American Soldier' singer from paying compliments to the land down under -- especially to their troops and especially when it has to do with beer. Keith says he makes it a point to seek out Australian soldiers while on USO tours, because he knows that even when the Americans aren't allowed to drink beer on base, the Aussies always have a pint or two to share with him.

“I would find the Australian flag [because] I knew the Australians would have beer," says the 'I Love This Bar' crooner. "I would go there and they’d say, ‘Yeah mate, come in, here we go.' So I drank whatever beer they had.”

Keith is now on his Shut Up & Hold On Tour, featuring Colt Ford and his own daughter, Krystal Keith. For a list of upcoming shows, check out his website here.

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