Want to save a little extra cash this year? Save money by giving Christmas presents from Craigslist that won't cost you a dime!

People are already starting their Christmas shopping, and many more are planning on grabbing some deals on Black Friday...but you've got a better strategy to save money this year. You're shopping for free. On Craigslist of course.

We gave some ideas from Craigslist for wacky Father's Day presents, but there are new things to be found now!

Check out our top 5 free gifts on Craigslist now:

  • Craigslist

    Christmas Lights

    A seller in Overton has 6 boxes of 100-light strands of Christmas lights...plus clips! If you know someone who loves to hang Christmas lights on their house, this would be perfect for them! 600 lights will make any house look a little more festive!

  • Craigslist

    50-Gallon Composter

    For anyone on your shopping list that loves gardening or being sustainable, I don't think you'll find a better deal anywhere. 50-gallon composter for free? Unbeatable. This composter is available in Gladewater if you're interested in taking it!

  • Craigslist

    Vanity Top with Faucet

    Is someone on your shopping list looking to remodel a bathroom anytime soon? This could help them out - a 5-foot vanity counter with faucets attached. It's up for grabs in Winnsboro!

  • iStockphoto

    Dog House

    Christmas is a popular time for new pets to join families, so a dog house would be a great gift for anyone planning on getting a dog this year! This one is insulated and has a new roof on it - it's basically guaranteed to keep the pup warm this winter! If you're interested, head on over to East Mountain.

  • Craigslist


    Firewood is a hot item on Craigslist currently, and that means its in a lot of different East Texas locations. You can go wherever is most convenient for you and stock up on some firewood for the cold winter weather. This would be especially good for whoever has all the family over around the holidays!