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Summertime is a great time to get outdoors and explore the world around you, especially at Tyler State Park. This state park, north of Tyler, Texas, has quite a few amenities waiting for Texans to take advantage of. For a small park entry fee, Texans can make use of daily campsites and picnic areas, swim or fish in the lake, walk along trails, and explore nature and other fun activities that may require an additional charge. It's more than a day park though, there are overnight campsites too.

You'll want to know this bit of knowledge if you happen to be walking around and exploring the woods surrounding the lake or taking a break from an exhilarating bike ride along the trails, avoid the temptation to pet a furry little creature that could be hanging around on plant life. Petting this creature could cause you a lot of unnecessary pain.

What are the consequences of touching this furry moth?

The Southern Flannel Moth, more commonly known as a puss caterpillar or asp, will produce a painful rash or sting if they are brushed up against or 'petted'. This is caused by the venomous hairs from the caterpillar that stick to the skin. It can also be harmful to animals, especially dogs that are sniffing around on the ground and trees within reach of their nose.

If you happen to brush up against one, Ross Winton of Texas Parks And Wildlife tells KVUE that you can use tape to remove the hairs without spreading them to other parts of your body. An ice pack should be applied to the affected area and you can take an oral antihistamine to relieve the itching and burning sensations. There are some instances where immediate medical attention may be required. (Texas A&M AgriLIfe Extension)

Where are these venomous creatures found?

The teardrop asp resembles a cotton ball and will range in color from yellow to gray to a reddish-brown color and can grow to be an inch-and-a-half in length. They are usually found in shade trees and shrubs around homes and in park areas.

So while you're out and becoming one with nature in the Texas heat and you really pause to take a look at the nature that surrounds you be mindful of this furry creature that'll be tempting to pet, but you'll have to restrain yourself from doing so.

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