The Wizard Of Oz is my dad's all-time favorite movie. It falls into that category of 'movies I will watch every single time they come on'. What's in that category for me? Titanic (LOVE) and Hitch (my favorite quote being "you don't need no pizza, they got food there").

Anyway, back to The Wizard Of Oz. I found this cool trick on Facebook, and if you're on your laptop right now, it takes no time to do! Remember Dorothy's iconic ruby red slippers? That's what you're on the lookout for first.

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Head over to Google and type in 'The Wizard of Oz'. You'll get your usual search results including Wikipedia's collection of information regarding the classic film about that Kansas farm girl. Then you see it...a pair of sparkling red ruby slippers on the right side of the screen! Click on those. That small move then transports you to 1939 - changing your Google browser to the brown classic color scheme we see in the movie as Dorothy sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Cool huh?

But then what do you see? A tornado! That's got to be pretty tempting to click on too - so DO IT then hold on! It sends your browser spinning back into color mode as you hear Dorothy call out for Auntie Em! So I guess that means we're the one's living in oz. I know it certainly feels like it.

So there's a Google trick to try and share with your friends. Be the cool one in the office when you head back in to work!

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