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Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas celebrated its 60th-anniversary last year and in those 60 years, the park has gone through many changes. Six Flags has seen many new rides and attractions added to the park and at the same time, they have removed some fan favorites from the park for various reasons.

You don't really realize how much you miss certain rides or attractions until they are gone. Through technology and video though, some of these old rides and attractions can be viewed on YouTube and you can relive their glory.

The other day while I was doom scrolling through Facebook I ran across this video that had been posted in a group called 'The History Of Six Flags Over Texas', it was a restored video for the 'Chevy Show'.

Yeah, remember the 'Chevy Show'?

At the time, the Chevy Show was in a yellow building (I believe) at the back of the park between 'The Cave' and the 'Oil Derrick' tower. My friends and I would go into this air-conditioned building to watch this film to catch a break from the heat and sun.

So what was the 'Chevy Show' about?

After walking into the theater and sitting on a row of wooden benches you would stare at a huge screen in front of you waiting on the movie to begin. The movie featured quite a few Chevrolet vehicles from the late '70s mixed in with footage of roller coasters, underwater scenes, canyons, crop dusting, driving scenes, and more.  Then if you weren't careful or you were really into the show you could lose your balance during the movie and fall off the bench that you were sitting on! The ending of the 'Chevy Show' ALWAYS got me, no matter how many times I watched it that summer.

The Facebook user that posted the video says they discovered the 1979 'Chevy Show' movie and restored it and now you can watch it on YouTube, or even easier watch it now! This is such a classic from the theme park giant. It takes me back to my middle and high school days with my friends just spending all day there and having a ton of fun.

Six Flags Over Texas is always changing and coming soon the park will be unveiling a reworking and retheming of their dark ride that was called 'The Cave' (1964 - 1991) and then in 1992 it was rethemed 'Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure' and now it will be called 'Pirates Of Speelunker Cave'. In addition, Six Flags will be unveiling a new launch-style water coaster called 'Aquaman: Power Wave' later in 2022 as well. Both of these rides will one day become a classic for someone and they will remember riding them at some point too.

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Six Flags Over Texas wrapped up a huge celebration in August as it celebrated its 60th anniversary. During the 60 year history of Six Flags, there has been a handful of memorable rides, attractions and shows that have had to be retired and removed from the park for various different reasons. Here's a look back at them as they were displayed for the parks' 'Fright Fest' event.

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