Many East Texans were horrified when they came to the conclusion of this story out of Trinity County. Its a story that would usually be found in the scenes of a gory Hollywood horror movie. This tale isn't a ghost story, either, it is a true tale of evil that has come from the piney woods of deep East Texas. It involves a son and his wife killing his own mother and her husband and cremating them in a backyard fire pit.

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This Story's Beginning

You would think a story like this would come from a Hollywood horror movie or even a Steven King novel. But no, this comes from East Texas. Clayton and Karen Waters had gone missing in September. Clayton Waters had not shown up to work for several days which was very unusual. After Waters' employer was unsuccessful in reaching him, they called authorities.

The Investigation

As authorities carried out their investigation, they found some details that seemed suspicious to them. Neighbors were told that both Clayton and Karen Waters were on vacation but this was not likely as the couple was recently estranged. Authorities had also tracked the couple's phones which didn't travel a path consistent with what they would have normally gone.

The Investigation and Arrest

As authorities collected evidence, they were able to make an arrest of Jacob Patrick Chrones, 34, and his wife Adeline Esmerelda Aparicio-Rodriguez, 35. Both were charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence and each given a $1.55 million bond.

Jacob Patrick Chrones - Trinity County Sheriff's Office
Jacob Patrick Chrones - Trinity County Sheriff's Office
Adeline Esmerelda Aparicio-Rodriguez- Trinity County Sheriff's Office
Adeline Esmerelda Aparicio-Rodriguez- Trinity County Sheriff's Office

This is Where the Story Turns Grisly

Through the course of the investigation, it was determined that Karen Waters was lured to her son's, Jacob Patrick Chrones, house where she was bound and gagged for several hours then killed by being strangled or suffocated. Clayton Waters later came to house where an argument ensued and was shot and killed by Chrones as a result of that argument.

Got her...go to Lufkin she is being a bad girl / trying to keep her alive till you get back / I guess...used the ball and she passed out!!!, Text messages between Chrones and Aparicio-Rodriguez

Both Clayton and Karen Waters were then cremated in Chrones backyard fire pit where remains were found. Remains were also found in three other counties. Text messages and victim's phones GPS data also linked the suspects to the crime. Evil seems to be the only word I can use to describe what happened. Let's hope that everything can be pieced together and a proper punishment can be found for this couple.


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