(Screenshot and video source from Washington Post reporter's Rebecca Tan's Twitter page)

This morning, thousands of supporters of President Trump were ready to protest the senate's certification of the election in areas all around Washington D.C.

As the political battle rages on, including the Georgia runoff election, hundreds of supporters of President Trump were angry enough today to push past the established barricades toward the Capitol building steps in Washington D.C. to protest on Wednesday, January 6.

Washington Post reporter Rebecca Tan said "some tried to scale the construction structures and have been tackled by police...Capitol police trying to hold them back."

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Earlier in the day, protestors had already gathered. Later, crowds arrived wearing "camo gear, vests, helmets," reports Tan. She also tweeted "some groups have thrown up the OK hand gesture--a recognized symbol of white supremacy."

Some Trump supporters have also confronted Trump-supporting Republican senators on the Hill steps asking how they could vote to certify the election. In one video, Senator Todd Young of Indiana, a Republican, replied to one peaceful protestor saying that although he shares their opinion in regard to wanting Trump to serve as President for another four years, he won't vote against certifying the outcome of the election because "[he] took an oath under God" to uphold the Constitution.

This is by far the most contentious political struggle we've seen as a nation in long while.

NBC News reports "more than a dozen Senate Republicans and over 100 GOP House members plan to object to counting some states' results." Connect with their live blog as the story continues here.

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