I saw it on the store shelf and just had to purchase it and try it.

Scrolling the internet last week I happened to see 'Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn'. At first I thought it might have been a concept candy until I saw it on the store shelves with other candy corn products. Seeing it, I just went ahead and made the impulse buy and purchased a bag for $3.99. The cashier gave me the side eye when ringing it up and started laughing and said something like, you gotta let me know how this turns out because I'm not going to try it. Thinking about her comment now, I should have listened to her.

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Now Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn looks just like any other candy corn - triangle shape with a different colored top - and is comprised of flavors like:

  • green beans
  • roasted turkey
  • cranberry sauce
  • ginger glazed carrots
  • sweet potato pie
  • stuffing

Yep, all the flavors of a traditional turkey dinner are in the bag of Turkey Dinner Candy Corn.

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1
Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Now I brought the bag of candy to the radio station yesterday morning and presented it to a group of people in our break room who were enjoying their breakfast until I showed them what I had. After talking about how disgusting it sounded we broke into the bag to sample the little bits of 'corn'. I went for the green one first, assuming it represented green beans. It had a sweet taste at first and then it hit me, the green bean flavor which I did not like.

Our stations' general manager was watching all of this and she stepped in and tried one that had a brown tip and yellow top and just as soon as she put it in her mouth to bite down on it, she spit it out in the trash can!  About that time I apparently had popped a similar one in my mouth and found it to be just as disgusting as she did because I too spit mine out in the trash can.

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1
Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Now I have a sweet tooth and love just about any candy, but this has crossed the line and to me is not candy at all. It reminds me of that Jelly Belly jelly bean game Bean Boozled where you're eating things like grass clippings, sour milk, stink bug, dirty dishwater, spoiled eggs and other crazy things.

Brach's I am really sorry, but this is a failure. Turkey dinner should be left to the real thing and not turned in to a candy corn. Yes, you did get my $3.99, but this will be the last time I try a crazy candy like this! Now I've gotta find a Butterfinger or Snickers or Sour Patch Kids to get this taste out of my mouth.

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