Two East Texas people were arrested in Smith County for allegedly allowing their teen daughter to partake in their supply of "meth."

Short for methamphetamine, it seems we hear about another arrest, or another meth lab being discovered, almost every other week. In fact, I remember reading in the recent past in Texas Monthly about the prevalence of meth labs in the Piney Woods region. It started to become more prevalent in our East Texas area in the late '90s.

Some suggest those making the meth are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of bootleggers along the Angelina River. And one of the things that makes it so attractive is how cheap it is to make and buy.

Those who've been able to explain the appeal, meth is known for providing a euphoric beginning to about a 12-hour "high." Following the initial euphoria, there's apparently a sense of energy as if one can do anything. The reality of what is happening to you is quite the contrast.

Some law enforcement officials have said meth is one of the most destructive things they've ever seen in East Texas.

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Meth has been responsible for tearing apart the fabric of many a family in East Texas. And this is, sadly, a perfect example.

KETK reports that "34-year-old Lajuana Glass and 51-year-old Johnny Michael Moore were taken into custody and charged with injury to a child."

According to a warrant, Smith County deputies were called to deal with a stolen vehicle pursuit situation. KETK reports the driver stopped the vehicle and fleed the scene. In the passenger seat was a teen girl "who told police she had run away from her parents’ house [they lived in a mechanic shop] the night before and the driver was giving her a ride."

The teen girl further claimed that she was frightened of her mother and stepdad, who were identified as the suspects mentioned above. They'd allegedly made meth available to her in the past and she also claims they'd abused her, as well.

The girl was taken to a local hospital where she tested positive for meth.

Both suspects were placed in the Smith County Jail with bonds of $250K each. Glass posted bail. Moore did not and according to KETK, remains in custody for the time being.

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