Over the weekend, two men, led by Woody Fields (yes, that is his name), rode their horses into a Houston Walmart.

Fields told click2houston.com, "We were just riding and a buddy of mines was, like, 'Let's go to Walmart,' and I was, like, 'Man, I'm not going to Walmart.' He was, like, 'Come on, let's go!' He continued, "I wasn't trying to hurt nobody, or do anything destructive. It was just, like, you only live once, you know? That's all."

The stunt has received some backlash from both Walmart and the Houston Humane Society.

Houston Humane Society issued this statement, "At minimum, riding a horse inside a store is incredibly irresponsible. This would be extremely stressful on any horse. Horses can easily become spooked, endangering not only themselves, but also any shoppers they might encounter. The Houston Humane Society urges all pet owners to think and act responsibly when it comes to the lives of animals in their care."

Walmart corporate issued this statement, "We in no way condone yesterday's reckless stunt inside our store and are thankful no one was hurt by these actions."

I'm thinking the same thing you are, there could have been a very messy situation in the aisles. It doesn't look like it happened but I would hope they would have cleaned it up.


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