I love checking out online marketplaces because you really don't know what you're going to come across. From antique gems to weird animals to selling in-home cooking services (I had a friend successfully run a business like this on Craigslist), it's the equivalent of going to First Monday Trade Days in Canton - except more and weirder because it's online.

So this time, I found two kangaroos for sale in Mt. Pleasant. Not one, but two kangaroos. It's certainly generating a lot of interest with over 5,500 shares in the span of two days.  And since some people like getting outside-the-box Christmas gifts, this might be right up your alley.

I mean look at these cute little guys! According to the owner(s) who's selling them, they are both really nice and neutered male red kangaroos. They are being sold for $2,200 each.

Cathy Cranmore via Facebook
Cathy Cranmore via Facebook

Check out Cathy's Facebook post for contact information, just in case you are looking for a different kind of pet this holiday season.

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