We love these photos taken from a video shot in 1982 for Brookshire's at a Tyler, Texas store--they're both amusing and delightful. And also may cause a bit of nostalgia.

Sometimes, I really miss the 1980s. 

Not *everything* of course. But, there were many things to love about that era. Maybe part of that is just common nostalgia for a time when many of our lives were a bit simpler--or at least that's how we remember it today. :)

I've also appreciated Brookshire's Grocery Company for many years.

In our 2022 world, it seems no one has as much time to spend talking with friends and neighbors. Oftentimes, customer service isn't *quite* what it "used to be." Or at least, what we'd hope it would be.

And that's exactly one of the things I admire about this East Texas company. They've always strived to hold to a standard of excellence over the years in a variety of ways.

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This is likely one of the reasons that Brookshire's Grocery Company based in Tyler, Texas continues to be named one of the best companies in Texas to work for.

That includes what goes into the stores, how the stores are run, customer service, and even how employees are treated. I mean, there's a reason Brookshire's has been named one of the best companies to work for in Texas many times.

And I tell ya, when you see these photos screenshotted from a video they did back in 1982, you can see how even in their marketing endeavors they've always sought to go a bit above and beyond.

This video was set up almost like a musical! We've recently learned that the video link is no longer available, and frankly, that makes us a bit sad--cuz it was so much fun to see! I wonder if they had to have someone come in and professionally "block" them (a theatre term) into these different scenes or if they organized it themselves.

Yes, there were some moments that were SO very 1980s--likely to make you smile and even sweetly chuckle a little (like we all do when we see photos or videos of ourselves from that time.) There was even some '80s rap in there! Love it. ;)

And honestly, that was one of my favorite parts--there's a sweet earnestness to that video that is endearing. 

And some of the shots and effects they used were quite challenging to do back in 1982. Seriously--KUDOS to this Brookshire's team from 1982 AND today for holding to that standard of excellence, innovation, and outright FUN not found everywhere.

Here are several photo highlights from the video. I wish I could share the video itself. Maybe they'll repost it when they see how much we enjoyed it. Hey, a girl can hope, right?

Highlights From This 1982 Brookshire's Video will Deliver a Smile--Guaranteed!

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