If there's one thing that Tylerites know, it's that traffic can be a nightmare. Stop and go traffic, bad drivers, constant red lights. It can seriously be frustrating. Some relief may be on the way, however, in 19 intersections having their traffic signals retimed this year in hopes of creating less of a traffic headache.

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Wednesday, February 9, the Tyler City Council voted to approve $114,085 to use toward retiming 19 intersections in Tyler. This will be for year two in the Intelligent Transportation System Master Plan. As a part of a study presented to the city in August of 2020, a recommendation was presented that traffic signals should be retimed on an annual basis. There also could be a 10 year plan of retiming 15 intersections per year for six years followed by 30 intersections a year for the last four years.

As for now, these 19 intersections will be set for retiming this year (2022):

  • Broadway Avenue and Old Troup Highway

  • Broadway Avenue and Eighth Street

  • Broadway Avenue and Fifth Street

  • Broadway Avenue and Fourth Street

  • Broadway Avenue and Dobbs Street

  • Broadway Avenue and Houston Street

  • Broadway Avenue and Front Street

  • Front Street and Fannin Street

  • Front Street and Bonner Avenue

  • Front Street and Vine Avenue

  • Front Street and Palace Avenue

  • Front Street and Glenwood Boulevard

  • Houston Street and Fannin Avenue

  • Fourth Street and South Chilton Avenue

  • Fourth Street and South College Avenue

  • Fourth Street and South Donnybrook Avenue

  • Fifth Street and South Chilton Avenue

  • Fifth Street and South College Avenue

  • Fifth Street and South Donnybrook Avenue

Traffic engineer Cameron Williams said,

This emphasizes the benefits of re-timing traffic signals on a regular basis. Coordinated signal timing is often the most cost-effective method to maximize operation efficiency on a corridor. It maximizes the existing capacity of a corridor and moves vehicles through, increasing travel-time reliability and throughput while decreasing stops, delay, emissions and other costs associated with traffic delays.

If you want some more details on the Intelligent Transportation System Master Plan, CLICK HERE.

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