Playing video games, and to a greater extent, collecting video games is a fun hobby for me. It is the perfect way for me to relax after a day at the office. I enjoy the various stories that video games tell, even if it's as simple as moving a ship around blowing things up. It's fun and I'll do it for as long as I can. As a lover of video games, I should be ashamed that I didn't know Tyler and Longview were home to gaming trucks available for rent for your party.

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The question was brought up in the Facebook group Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, & Recommendations:

Looking for a video game truck in Tyler Texas or something similar!

I remember probably 10 or so years ago, I was at an event where a gaming truck was set up with Guitar Hero and one other game. I don't remember the name of the truck but I do remember a couple of months later I looked up the gaming truck and they had already shut down due to poor business.

That seemed surprising to me. Sure, most kids today have at least one gaming system already in their house but a setup like a gaming truck is perfect if you're having a birthday party or some other get together that will have a bunch of people. I mean, you wouldn't exactly have fifteen PlayStation controllers on hand.

Responses started rolling in for the post with one truck out of Longview called Gamester's Paradise. They're based in the Longview area but cover basically all of East Texas. Gamester's Paradise has a touring bus loaded with an assortment of games ready to pull up at your event for all to enjoy some time with a controller in hand. Unfortunately, they are not offering their services until April 1 of 2022 because of the pandemic. Check back then and get them booked for your party.

Another gaming truck mentioned was Moore's Gaming out of Tyler. Here you have a selection of games from XBox, PlayStation and Nintendo to entertain for your party, fundraiser or corporate event. Give Moore's Gaming a call at 903-574-2389 to get all the details.

It sounds like either experience would be a blast for whatever you are planning. If there are other gaming trucks like these available in East Texas, don't hesitate to let us know about them. And to our lovely and talented and best boss in the entire world, we wouldn't mind having one of these stop by the station. You know, for team building and stuff.

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