Gas prices always provide (I always intend my puns) fuel for an argument or two in Texas. The price of a barrel needs to stay high so oilmen can keep working. The price at the pump needs to stay down so it doesn't break our wallets just to fill up. It's a balance that probably will never be even. All I can say as a non-oilman that seeing the price per gallon going down is a big relief to me. A new survey from AAA shows that we can breath a big sigh of relief at the pump compared to other parts of the United States. For us in Tyler, Texas, we breath an even bigger sigh of relief.

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Cussed Out for $1 a Gallon Gas

Before I started my radio career, I worked at the gas station Racetrac (now Raceway) in Lindale. This was around 1999. I remember the day that we changed our gas prices over to $1.009 per gallon. I had several people come in cussing me out because the price was so high. Fast forward to 2011-2012, gas was basically $4.009 a gallon. It hurt our wallets bad. Many people couldn't even get to work because they couldn't put fuel in their vehicles.

Yeah, we complained and hated paying $4.009 for a gallon but thank goodness we don't live in say California or Washington or Oregon where gas is, what, $7 or $8 a gallon? That's absolutely ridiculous. No wonder so many are moving away from those states.

But I Digress

AAA recently posted the average fuel prices across the country. Texas comes in with the lowest average price per gallon of any state at $2.769, well below the national average of $3.295. Inside of Texas, Tyler has the lowest average price per gallon of any city in Texas at $2.637. I live in Lindale and usually stop at QuikTrip to fill up. Currently their price (as of November 21) sits at $2.489.

The lower gas prices have certainly made Christmas shopping a little easier with more cash in the wallet. Let's just hope the prices continue to come down.

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