When I left work earlier this week, I was pushing myself to go to the gym, even though I was almost sweating just by walking to my car in this East Texas heat. But I made up my mind, I needed to get in a workout, so I started driving to the gym and noticed that a sign crew was working to put a new sign up at The Village at Cumberland Park in Tyler, Texas. When I saw the name on the sign, I immediately had to search online for what it was because I had never heard the name before. 


The store name that was on the sign said, ‘Rally House’. To be honest, at first, I thought this was going to be a new restaurant but it’s not. Rally House is a family-owned specialty boutique that offers a large selection of apparel, hats, gifts and home décor representing local NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS teams. They will also offer locally inspired apparel, gifts and food.  

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Where Was Rally House Created? 

Rally House is based in Lenexa, Kansas but they have 140+ locations across 14 states. When I was looking around for more information online, I did see that Google has their opening date set for August 4th (Obviously, that is subject to change). 

Google Maps
Google Maps

Interesting Choice for a New Business in Tyler 

It’s clear that Rally House is a successful business but seeing as how the Nike Store just recently shut down from The Village at Cumberland Park, I will be interested to see what Rally House does differently. But as a sports fan I am excited to see them open their doors in early August. 

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