As of yesterday, we've hit the one-year mark since the disappearance of Texas State University student, Jason Landy.

Over the last year, we've been following this case closely. Reading this story, you can't help but feel deep sympathy and/or even empathy in some cases for his family. Here we are, yet again, during what is supposed to be one of the merriest times of the year. But for the Landry family, it is most certainly a reminder of their beloved son, Jason.

However, the family is not without hope and continues to diligently do everything they can to find their son.

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Here's a synopsis of what happened that fateful night:

It was a particularly chilly night on December 13. Jason had left Texas State University in San Marcos at around 11:30 p.m. and was headed to his parents' home for the Christmas break, which was just 2 1/2 hours away. Authorities have shared his last digital footprint was in Luling, Texas. This is a very rural area.

According to a page set up on behalf of Jason, a volunteer firefighter happened upon Jason's wrecked vehicle at around 12:30 a.m.

Caldwell County Sheriff's Dept
Caldwell County Sheriff's Dept

The same page shares more detail:

Jason’s last known clothing, wallet, phone, and keys were all left at scene or in the car. Seven major professional searches spanning more than 50 square miles have produced no sign of Jason in the area where his car was found.

Despite the seven official searches that have taken place so far, there is still no sign of Jason.

Since then, Jason's family along with a throng of supporters started a petition in order to get the authorities to OK a geofence search warrant which many feel would be a huge help in finding Jason. Some even questioned whether or not evidence was being withheld deliberately. You can more on that update here.

You can also get more of the backstory over this past year, as well. Access all of those via this article from several weeks ago. 

Yesterday evening, a prayer vigil was held in the drizzling rain in Luling, Texas. KXAN in Austin, Texas did a story about it which you can see here:

Landry's family has shared with various media that they're not giving up hope. They have said it's their faith that comforts and strengthens them.

Sending much love to the Landry family. We are all standing right alongside you as you walk through what must be the hardest thing you've had to endure. #prayingforjason

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