Just about everyone in the great state of Texas has some sort of change jar or a place that they put smaller bills from their wallet or purse. Sure, we keep most of our money in the bank and use a card or keep it old school and just use cash. But there is normally a place that loose bills might collect maybe in our dresser or nightstand. But you need to check all of the places that you might have some of these bills laying around because they could be worth big money. 

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There is one specific $2 bill that is being passed around and it’s worth thousands of dollars. Yeah, most of us don’t carry around very many $2 bills. But I will admit that my wife and I have one or two of them in a little glass container at home that we got in a Christmas card years ago. But these bills that are worth big money have very specific features about them. 

What Makes These Dollar Bills More Valuable? 

In recent auctions these $2 bills that were created in 2003 and have very low serial numbers are worth a good chunk of change. Now it’s not just the $2 bills created in 2003. According to uscurrencyauctions.com there are uncirculated bills from almost every year that are worth up to $1,000.  

How Can You Tell If They Are Worth More? 

$2 bills with red seals can be sold for between $300 and $2,500. The more common $2 bills with brown and blue seals can bring in hundreds of dollars.  

It’s definitely worth looking to see if you have any $2 bills laying around, they might just help pay your bills next month. 

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