We’ve all had a few teachers or professors that made a big impact on us, whether it was teaching us about a subject that we found interesting, or just being there in a difficult time. There are lots of fantastic teachers in Texas. And we can all agree that teachers are so incredibly important for young adults, but there is one physics professor at Texas A&M that is making an impact on so many students beyond the ones that are enrolled in her classes. 

How is the Texas A&M Professor Going Viral Online? 

You can talk about science formulas all day long but it’s just not that interesting, but when you make the subject matter fun it becomes more relatable to everyone, which is exactly what Professor Tatiana Erukhimova is doing. Her videos have captured the attention of so many people, which is why she has over 500,000,000 YouTube views. She is making physics fun and people around the world are loving it.  

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More YouTube Views Than the Athletic Departments 

You would expect that a football team in Texas would be collecting more views than a physics department but that is not the case at Texas A&M. Their university physics department has almost 2 million subscribers. Everyone is loving the content and always wanting more. 

Professor Erukhimova says she loves when middle school students come to visit for the day, and years later those same students are enrolled in her classes. This professor obviously has a passion for physics and teaching, it’s just impressive how she makes physics fun for everyone else.  

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