The Grinch's Lair is open to have an adventure in Whoville and with the Grinch himself.

You will start in the Grinch's home in the Mount Krumpet Cave. From there you will see his Sleigh Room, dressing room, garden, his dog's, Max, house and Cooking with the Grinch.

“This will be our fourth year to do this. What we find is that there are not many places where you get to interact with the main character. If you get to visit with Santa, it’s for 30 seconds or a minute. But at the Grinch’s Lair, it’s more like a live interactive theater,” Jeremy Janz, who plays the Grinch, told the “Even if there is someone who is not sure about the Grinch, like small kids, that’s okay. Max the Dog will play a little hunting game with you and before you know it the Grinch is singing a song making them more comfortable, acting silly. Even if they are nervous they end up having fun and laughing.”

Admission is $10. The Grinch's Lair is open Friday from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. For more details, call 903-373-8158 or

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