When I learned to drive, I used my mom's 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. If you're unfamiliar with an old school Beetle, they all used a manual transmission. From there, I graduated to my own 1973 Beetle. I learned to drive on a stick and still love driving a stick. My current car is a manual.

As the years have gone by, manual transmissions have kinda fallen by the wayside. It's a shame, really. chicagotribune.com says that in 2018, only 2% of cars sold were a stick shift.

That where Volkswagen has come in with some serious shade on those who can't drive a stick. In their latest ad for their Jetta GLI, the guy parks and doesn't lock it because "it's a stick shift."

Now, obviously, this shouldn't be taken literally. But still, it's a funny dig at the modern driving society. I'm sure many of us have seen memes on social media that also make fun of non-stick shift drivers.

If you drive a stick, you get this meme.

I will always love driving a manual. It's fun, you feel like you have complete control of the vehicle and it's great to see the funny looks in traffic when you roll back a bit on a hill on purpose.

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