After a little more research, we've discovered that this story - as much as we'd like to believe is true - is in fact not. A good indicator that you're reading fake news is the some of these satirical sites put in a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Those that don't, sometimes you gotta just use common sense. We apologize for the mistake.


Margarita Rodriguez, which has got to be the greatest first name ever, was arrested for stealing $25,000 worth of Taco Bell tacos over a five year time period while working for the fast food company according to worldnewsdailyreport.com.

Ok. Wow. How is that even possible?

Video evidence shows that Rodriguez would consume about 12 tacos per shift, which came to about 12,000 tacos over the five years she was employed there. Add in the other variety of food items consumed and she ate about $30 worth of food per day.

All together, the investigation shows she ate $25,000 worth of tacos, plus burritos, quesadillas, nachos and soft drinks.

The 41 year old was charged with 960 accusations of petty theft, 3 charges of public misconduct and one charge of drug possession.

Rodriguez's lawyer, Horacio Montega, claims that she suffers from an eating disorder and food addiction. He says that her medical conditions exempt her from prosecution.

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