Weekly Jobless Claims Come Close To Three Year Low

MOMager: A bunch of pretty pathetic adults in the Toledo, Ohio area are looking to hire a mother. Their ad says they want someone to do laundry, cook, re-stock the pantry, clean and "cater to adults that live like children." Hey, at least they can admit it. These Peter Pans are out to live the dream where no one ever grows up -- but they also want their mommy to take care of them in Neverland.

Wanted--Fishing partner: Some dude in Charlotte, North Carolina wants some other dude to go fishing with him. The requirements for this position are that you should be able to help with gas, have a fishing license and gear, and bring your own eats. So, you're pretty much taking a random guy fishing. Oh yeah, and clear your calendar on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, because he may decide to go fishing at any moment during those four days.

Battery Hunter: A company in Boise, Idaho needs extra batteries and wants to hire someone to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Basically, you ramble around searching for batteries, but you get paid only for use able ones you can find. They need car, truck, golf, boat and RV batteries. If you're the type who picks up recyclables and returns them for the deposit, this may be just the chance you need to take your career up a notch.

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