Sure, I may visit Seguin one day, but I think I'll find another place to stay. Long-rumored haunted, the historic Magnolia Hotel has released yet another chilling video. This new video shows activity in a seemingly empty children's play room.

Yesterday our children’s room was so active. We bought our little spirits two new toys and they loved them! The tiny rem pods must be fully touched to be activated, which she does. Then she rolls her ball. WATCH for the shadow figure enter the room off to the top left by the doorway. This is actually something we capture frequently but the first time using the rem pods.

Wait... They're buying toys for the ghosts? If you're having trouble viewing the video try clicking here.

The video was shared to the Haunted Magnolia Sequin Facebook page by owner Erin Ghedi, who told KSAT, “The most exciting thing is watching the shadow figure enter the room on the top left corner by the door. It goes under the table."

"EXCITING"?! I can think of three much more appropriate adjectives right now: frightening, terrifying, and spine-chilling.

Ghedi shared with KSAT that she believes that there are several spirits are in the room at the time of this particular recording, and that she knows of at least 20 spirits at her hotel. That's good information to know cause if you're up for it they do offer tours, which sounds like a fun time. But as far as I'm concerned y'all can keep the overnight stays, I'll get a bed and a breakfast somewhere with less spirits.

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