Foo Fighters is a band that, no matter your favorite type of music, you know the name and have heard at least a couple of their songs.

I have always been a huge fan of their music and remember lead singer, Dave Grohl, time as drummer for Nirvana.

Grohl is a talented musician. He can play many instruments. In fact, the debut album for the Foo Fighters, titled Foo Fighters, is Grohl playing all the instruments. Grohl did this so people would think it's a band.

Record labels like what they heard and Grohl signed with Capitol Records in 1994. The rest, as they say, is history.

They put on a great live show. They include covers of other bands from AC/DC to Rick Astley. The clip above, though, is from the short lived "The Muppets" that aired on ABC a couple of years ago.

Dave Grohl and Animal engage in a epic drum battle for our entertainment. It's two minutes that will make our day even better or bring a bright spot that is needed to a sluggish workday.


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