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We just got live music back guys, let's not go and ruin it for everybody. Can't handle your liquor? Stay your butt at home.

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Next Friday (May 1st) Parker McCollum will headline our 7th annual Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival in downtown Tyler. We're ready for a good time, it's been a while for so many folks, but y'all can just let this video serve as your preemptive warning, don't be a d*ckhead on the brick streets.

That dude’s got to go… Not at my show. Get the f*ck out. You never ever pour anything on a woman or touch a woman, first of all. Get the f*ck outta here, dude.

Each year tickets to our annual Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival move so fast. So, of course within a few hours of going back on sale, tickets sold out again this year. But now thanks to Red Dirt Hat Co. you still have a chance to roll up to downtown Tyler on May 1st, VIP style. Click here to win your way in.

So, about this year's Red Dirt lineup: “The Limestone Kid” Parker McCollum, will headline the festival, back on the brick streets of Downtown Tyler on May 1st. McCollum had a breakout year in 2020, despite the pandemic, landing his first Country Billboard No. 1, and Gold Single with "Pretty Heart." He’ll be joined by Texas Country superstars Josh Abbott Band, who headlined the festival in 2015, along with Red Dirt legends Jason Boland and the StragglersRandall King, and East Texas native Chris Colston.

Download the Radio Texas, LIVE! App today and stream the best Texas and Red Dirt commercial free. Click here for IOS, or here for ANDROID. Shoutout WhiskeyRiff for finding this video gold, originally shared by brooklynngraceee on TikTok.

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