Here we go again with another story of folks in East Texas stealing other folks stuff. But this time the crooks were caught on video but I have to admit that I did laugh several times watching this crime being committed, I'll explain shortly.

The Kilgore Police Department posted a video to their Facebook page today asking for the public's help in identifying two suspects who stole an ATV off a trailer. Kilgore PD says that this is the 3rd ATV theft this month alone and they are putting the word out to the public to protect your stuff.

While its hard to make out a real description of the perps, when you watch the video, I want you to check out a few things.

For starters, these two are dressed like terrible ninjas and when the video begins, you can see them attempt to start unstrapping the ATV from the trailer but a car is seen in the distance approaching and the two duck and run for cover in the first 10 seconds of the video.

This will be the running theme of this crime EVERY TIME a car or truck passes. A few minutes later another vehicle is seen driving down the road, oblivious to their crime, but this induces panic and sends the crooks cowering.

Kilgore Police department

After a few minutes of teamwork to get the trailer in position to finally take the ATV, another vehicle is seen coming. Our two wanted thieves decide to improvise as one suddenly remembers his bear safety training and plays dead by laying flat on the trailer while the other tries in vain to use the now ROLLING ATV as a shield....again, while the driver of the oncoming car is clueless to the two of them.

Kilgore Police Department

Finally, the two wanna be ninjas take off in the ATV and it was quite easy for them to take off with the ATV because the keys may have been inside of it.

Kilgore Police Department

What's funny to me is, if you have to resort to all of that ducking and dodging, DON'T DO IT! Let's get these trash ninjas off the street.

Kilgore Police are strongly advising that ATV owners and businesses store their ATV keys away from the vehicle. If you have any information, please contact Detective Joshua Sims at 903-218-6907 or

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