Tom Brady and I share an important day in our lives. We both had a career changing day on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2002. That day Tom won his first Super Bowl ring, and I performed my first on-air shift.

The past 17 years, we've both been working hard at our craft. We've both had different teammates over the years. Some we got along with better than others, but he's maintained a level of consistency and professionalism that are easy to admire.

He became the franchise quarterback, while I bounced around a few times. He was leading his team to multiple Super Bowls, often winning, while I was gaining valuable experience from mentors and friends who shared wise words and habits with me.

It's been interesting over the years to watch as his star continues to rise, and look back at the beginning. That game and his career could have gone a totally different direction. He's managed to stay on top, because of his intense work ethic, dedication and discipline to his craft.

Regardless of whether or not you like him, his coach or his team, they've had a proven record of success. Despite my moves over the years, I've always worked to maintain a level of success, and find that like Tom Brady, consistency is key. A good attitude goes a long way, and dedication and discipline are respected.

Whether he wins or loses today, I'll watch with respect and admiration, and always remember our shared date of destiny 17 years ago.

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