A new health care scan has made it's way into East Texas, Thermography. This testing was once only available a few days per week at local clinics, but is now available five days week.

Thermography has many uses, but it is primarily used to gain an analysis of the patient's body temperature throughout the body. It's new and exciting technology that helps point doctors in the right direction without invasive testing.

Thermography is practiced comfortable, and now locally, at Advanced Remedy Center in Tyler where I was given a full body scan to illustrate just how easy and non-invasive it truly is.

Watch the video to get an idea of what the scan is like, and learn more about Thermography.

Thermography is also gaining traction as an early detection screening for breast cancer. When Dr. Hubert review my results with me we discovered that I am at low-risk for breast cancer, but I may need further testing in a few other areas.

He suggested that Thermography is a great addition to your annual wellness, because as your body changes over the year you will be able to see slight differences and hopefully help prevent or deter long-term illnesses and other conditions.