Okay, someone has to know the answer to this question. What is the deal with the Ethan Allen building that has been vacant for years and years. The address is 815 WSW Loop 323, there are thousands of people that drive by it each day. You would think that this would be a building that would be sought after by other businesses just for it's location alone, but it's been vacant for 20+ years. So, do you know the story behind the Ethan Allen building in Tyler?

After speaking with a coworker who has lived in East Texas most of his life, he remembered when Ethan Allen was open for business and sold top quality furniture. But after the furniture store closed it's doors a long time ago there hasn't been another business to take over that location. Which just seems odd especially when it has such a great location on the loop.

The Building is Going to Need Some Work Done on it

After a building sits empty for so long, there is going to be some repairs that will need to be fixed. Hopefully, it hasn't been so long that the building needs to be completely rebuilt. At this point I just want to see something pop up in that spot.

What Would You Like to See Take Over the Ethan Allen Location in Tyler?

While I don't have any kids myself, something family friendly would be a great addition to Tyler. If I won the lottery I would love to put a giant go-cart track in Tyler, but first I need to win the lottery to make it happen.

What would you like to see come to Tyler next?

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