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You don't want to be tardy on the first day of school. It will not make for a good first impression!

It feels as if school just ended a few weeks ago and now we're already talking about when it begins again. Unfortunately, yes. It's something students don't want to hear, but is good news for some parents. This year is going to be different too as compared to last year. Remote learning (for the most part) is not happening this year and most all East Texas school districts are returning to in class instruction.

I'm only bringing up the subject about when school starts this year because while making our weekly trip to Walmart this past weekend with my wife to get the necessities, I noticed something near the back of the store where the office supplies are ... the yellow cardboard boxes full of school supplies on the shelves. Yes, Walmart is beginning to stock up on school supplies in anticipation of the back to school supply shopping rush.

Seeing this had me questioning when school starts. After a quick search on the Google, I realized that there are roughly forty days remaining until the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. With that being said, here's a quick look at when students will be returning to East Texas classrooms:

Arp ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Athens ISD - Monday, August 2nd

Big Sandy ISD - Wednesday, August 4th

Brownsboro ISD - Monday, August 16th

Bullard ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Canton ISD - Thursday, August 19th

Chapel Hill ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Frankston ISD - Wednesday, August 11th

Gilmer ISD - Wednesday, August 11th

Grand Saline ISD - Monday, August 23rd

Hallsville ISD - Thursday, August 12th

Hawkins ISD - Wednesday, August 11th

Henderson ISD - Wednesday, August 11th

Jacksonville ISD - Tuesday, August 17th

Kilgore ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Lindale ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Longview ISD - Monday, August 16th

Marshall ISD - Thursday, August 12th

Martin's Mill ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Mineola ISD - Wednesday, August 11th

Mt. Pleasant ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Mt. Vernon ISD - Thursday, August 12th

Murchison ISD - Thursday, August 19th

Overton ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Palestine ISD - Thursday, August 12th

Pine Tree ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Pittsburg ISD - Thursday, August 12th

Quitman ISD - Thursday, August 19th

Rusk ISD - Wednesday, August 11th

Sulphur Springs ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Troup ISD - Wednesday, August 11th

Tyler ISD - Monday, August 16th

Van ISD - Thursday, August 26th

Westwood ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

White Oak ISD - Thursday, August 12th

Whitehouse ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

Winnsboro ISD - Tuesday, August 10th

Winona ISD - Wednesday, August 18th

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