When Christmas has past, when does the Christmas tree and all the decorations come down?

There's usually a big rush to get the Christmas tree decorated and the house ready to entertain guests for the holidays and to get in the spirit of the holidays. We invest so much time to make things perfect and it's looking great for a couple of weeks and along comes one of the most important days of the year, Christmas! We celebrate, exchange gifts, eat and enjoy family and friends and once the holidays are over and the family has gone home it's time for things to get back to same old mundane routine.

But wait, the Christmas tree and decorations are still up! What to do? When do you typically take down the holiday spirit?

Growing up, we would leave our Christmas tree and decorations up through New Year's Day. Since the birth of my daughter, we've kind of changed things up a bit. Her birthday is on the 27th, so now my wife and I typically take Christmas down on the 26th so that there is a separation of Christmas and my daughter's birthday. Kind of hard to do, but we do it to make her day special too.

As far as the lights on the house and the trees in the front yard, those stay lit through New Year's Day.

We each have our own special reasons for when we take down the tree and decorations, but I'm just curious as to when Christmas comes down in your home.

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