Almost every store you go into, even before Halloween, has been busting at its seams with Christmas decor. Are people really putting up their decorations this early in the holiday season? Is it even technically the holiday season yet? When do you think you should put up your tree and trimmings?

Sure, almost everyone loves this time of year. In general, most of us cannot wait for it to begin. It is a time of magical and beautiful sights, sounds, and smells. The world changes from the day to day humdrum to a scene of winter wonder and splendor. The smells from the kitchen, fireplace, and fresh cut tree fill the air with an aroma that ignites the excitement of Christmas. The night's sky is filled with a rainbow of colors lighting our ways through their adornment of homes and streets. Holly, tinsel, and mistletoe hang in every corner amidst a collection of nativity scenes and santas. The atmosphere of our days are transformed into a haven for decorations and merriment. But, when is the proper time to set the christmas tree to stand tall and the nut crackers to march around the house under a glow of twinkling lights?

It is not even Thanksgiving yet, is the world already making its transformation? Can our anticipation for the Christmas glory and adornments of red and green not wait until we have celebrated the first holiday of the season?

My family never brought a tree into the house until after Thanksgiving. Some years life was too busy to even bring the boxes of decorations from the garage until the middle of December. But, the more I look around I see Christmas creeping in like a predator on the hunt.

Shouldn't we wait for the month the holiday resides in before we begin its observance? That is what the tree and its ornate friends are for. The garland and wreaths are in celebration of Christmas, not its not so near arrival.

When does your family erect the tree? Do you already have the floor, walls, and even yourself covered in the glitter that inevitably will invade your home?