Texas has just about everything you could need in a state. We have water, we have hills, and we have canyons. We have sports teams. I mean you name it this big ol' state can provide it.

Heck, we can drive for hours and hours and never even leave this state. It's amazing to see how much area the great state of Texas covers. Texas offers places to live if the price is no object. Oh, to live that dream life. Texas also offers some great places on an affordable budget. Which is nice.

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You have many options when it comes to where you want to visit in Texas. You also have many options when it comes to where you can call home. The cost of living, of course, plays a big role in affordability. The cost of a home is important. It has to be affordable whether you are going to own or rent.

Texas has it all. Which should be something we should expect. Texas is a great place to live for obvious reasons.

Where Does Amarillo Fall On The List?

Did Amarillo even make the list? I know people complain about living here. They complain about the lack of stuff to do, which is simply not true. Complaints are heard about housing being so expensive, but is it really?

  1. Mercedes
  2. Pecos
  3. Brownsville
  4. Pampa
  5. Harlingen
  6. Vidor
  7. McAllen
  8. Amarillo
  9. El Paso
  10. Temple

Amarillo did make the list. I figured it had to. Really we do have it good here. I wasn't really surprised that we weren't the only city in the Texas Panhandle to finish in the top ten. Congrats to Pampa as well. What a great showing.

So Texas we love the fact that you are so big. With nearly 270,000  square miles we salute you.

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