Ahh, back to school time. Which means the frustration of the after school pickup line.

Me, I'm more along the line of "The Rookie" because a) I don't have kids of my own and b) I get asked from time to time to pick up my friend's kids from school. It's an awkward adventure for me. I know there is a parent or two raising an eyebrow when they see me in line just because they don't recognize me or my car.

But I have noticed in those lines every one of the parents represented in the video. Every time I've been in line, I've been in front of "The One With No Patience". I see my friend's post complaining about "The Rule Breaker" from time to time.

But which "Pickup Line Parent" are you? And it's not embarrassing to admit you're the "The One With No Patience" or "The Rule Breaker". As long as you're not running over a kid or hitting another parent's car, I think that can be considered a win.

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