It doesn't look Whitehouse, TX, native Patrick Mahomes is responsible for this, like he is directly responsible for the fine folks in Kansas City getting their first Whataburger, but the nation's largest coffee chain will soon be opening in the hometown of the Super Bowl champion.

We're pretty certain coffee lovers will be excited to learn, that according to KLTV, Starbucks has obtained a building permit for 500 State Highway 110. The permit was obtained on Jan. 12. Once built and running, Whitehouse residents will no longer have to travel to Tyler to enjoy their favorite Starbucks drinks.

So, apparently coffee joints are just now realizing that East Texans are fond of their drinks. There have been a lot of new places to get you caffeine fix coming to the area recently.

We just learned that an Arkansas-based chain called 7 Brew is scheduled to open next month in Longview -- you can read more about that here.

And another popular chain, Dutch Bros. Coffee has its eyes on Gregg County, reports the Longview News-Journal. They're specifically looking at the spot where Liberty Baptist Church once stood on Loop 281.

And if you're looking for something local, Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee of Tyler will be 2313 East SE Loop 323 in front of the Green Acres Bowling Alley. And they offer up more than just fresh coffee; their menu sports tea options, espressos, sodas, smoothies, and more. They are independently owned and operated, are focused on standing out from most national chains that many are used to visiting.

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