Almost the entire world is on Facebook. All of these people logging on makes Facebook a great place to advertise. They try to find ads just for you. So, what do the ads Facebook picks for you say about who they think you are? 

While looking through your newsfeed, you will see more than your friend's status updates. Pictures of lunch, political opinions, song lyrics, and everything that people post on Facebook is broken up with advertisements.

In the scroll area of the news feed or following you down the page hanging out on the side, ads are everywhere on Facebook. Keep in mind, all of these ads were chosen for you.

Facebook and Google collect data about you from what you post, like, search for, and look at. They take all of this information and chose advertisements they think will be specific and unique to you. What you would buy or spend time on are determined by a computer program.

So, who does this program think you are?

I starting to think about this the other day. When checking my Facebook, a cute dress caught my eye. I glanced at the ad for just a few seconds and decided I do not need to buy yet another dress. But, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Even when I completely closed down the browser and walked away, I was still thinking about how Facebook had found a dress that I would pick out for myself. Did they really know what I want? Do they really know who I am?

So, I did some research. I started paying attention to the ads they were choosing for me. The ads that I would like because they fit into my life, choices, and style. What I found was funny and a little depressing.,

Just earlier, I noticed that three ads kept circling around. They were the only ads Facebook would give me, no matter how many times I hit refresh or came back from a new website. These three ads were obviously what Facebook thought I would like. They kept trying to force these businesses on me. They were wrong.

The first advertisement I clicked on was called, Zulily. Oh, what cute dresses. Wait, what is that about? Why are all of these maternity? Wait, wait. I am not a mom, nor am I pregnant!

Facebook led me to a website with an introduction that reads, "Daily deals for moms, babies, and kids."

I am far too old to be considered a kid or a baby, so Facebook must assume I am a mom. Thanks Facebook. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a baby, kid, or mom. I am just not any of these things. It made me wonder, "Why does Facebook think I would like or need maternity clothes?" Obviously they know nothing about what would be the biggest part of my life. But, what else do they think "fits" me.

Ad number two was from New Balance. Okay, Facebook you are a little closer with this one. I used to be very much about running. I wanted to give them credit for this one. They had found something that I would actually be interested in, but they were wrong again. I have not run a full mile in a long while now.

They were close with that one, but he next would just be insulting. As I just admitted, I haven't been running or working out a lot lately. When Facebook suggested over and over again that I join Weight Watchers, I felt a bit hurt. Thanks Facebook for the fat joke. I really appreciate you telling me to hit the road in some New Balances and work off some weight the help of new tennis shoes and Weight Watchers. Thanks very much.

All of a sudden I was completely offended. Facebook had no idea who I was. The person they believed me to be was a new mom looking to lose some of that baby weight. Again, there is nothing wrong with women in that situation. THEY ARE NOT ME. So what if I may look like a woman looking to lose some baby weight without the baby. I don't need Facebook telling me to trim down.

After a few more minutes of internal freak out, I calmed down to a realization. Facebook has no idea who we are. Even though we post some of the most intimate things about our selves, share our every meal and feeling, and give the world access to all of our info and pictures; Facebook can't even begin to know us really.

I am curious, though. What does Facebook say about YOU? Look through your ads, follow their link, and see who Facebook things you are. You might be surprised or, like me, get a little butt hurt about it.