We all feel nervous at various times in our lives. For multiple reasons, every gets a little anxious due to whatever factor that may be in our head. We all get through it, but there is times went it feels like every person in the state of Texas is sweating something.

But what if data shows that unnerving shivers if feels like everyone is getting is happening more often than we think? That can't be true, you think. But...looks like we're all feeling anxiety in Texas.

How rough is it? Well...all of us here in the Lone Star State might need to take a few deep breaths.

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Stressed Out In The Lone Star State

But how do determine what exactly qualifies as good or bad luck? Well we've turned to sports fans to find out what determines that. Thankfully, BetMGM has helped with the data.

When the company interviewed various individuals, their data showed that consensus good luck was mostly shown by four leaf clovers, bad luck was brought by broken mirrors, as the superstitious action none other than knocking on wood.

Further examination of the people polled showed 65% think knocking on wood stops any potential affliction, while 47% cross their fingers to create those good vibes we hope are coming.

But overall, where did Texas land in terms of superstitious ranking? Well, BetMGM has coined Texas the "Most Superstitious." 73.96 out of 100 was the final score in superstitious terms.

Well, let's all just calm down Texans, and look for more four leaf clovers!

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